Which hotel is the best to stay in during the Christmas rush?

In recent weeks, hotel prices have risen, as demand for room-sharing and other non-bookings surges in response to the holiday season.This has resulted in an uptick in bookings and a spike in book stays.Here’s how to tell the difference between the two: Which hotel to book in during holiday season?The most important thing to remember […]

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Why do Christian book distributors use “Discover” as a brand name?

Christians book distributors are using “Discover”, “Discovering” or “Discover Publishing” as brand names in an effort to sell their books, Hacker News user sveno92 has discovered. He has discovered several Christian booksellers using the term “Discover Bookstore” as part of their marketing strategy. According to Hacker News author svenos book distributor, Christian book retailers use “discover” as […]

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How to read Devin Booker’s stats

Devin Booker is one of the most talked about athletes in the world, and the NBA has a lot to say about the way he’s been portrayed on the basketball court.The story of Booker’s rise from a lowly basketball player to a superstar is a fascinating one that makes for great TV.And this is just […]

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Why Google is getting in on the Jungle Book book character thing

TechCrunch is reporting that Google is using a new kind of content monetization to get in on a genre-bending new genre of book characters.The company has partnered with Amazon for an app called Jungle Book Characters.This app is designed to allow users to create a series of characters from their favorite books, and then purchase […]

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How to make romance books for a fandom

You’ve probably heard of the Hatchet book series.You know the one with the guy with a crush on the girl next door?Well, I’m gonna tell you how to make your own romantic fiction.A lot of us who love books, we’ve probably read a few of the HCB’s and the HCA’s, and even some of our […]

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