FlipBook 3.0: FlipBook 2.0, the best book for teens

FlipBook has been on a tear since its release in 2017, selling out its first two years and now having more than 10 million copies sold.

Now the company is rolling out a new edition of its popular, free, online book app that promises a lot more than a free copy of your favorite book.

The FlipBook book app has been redesigned and launched on Tuesday with a new layout, improved navigation, and a number of improvements to its main app.

FlipBook is also getting a new redesign, with the app’s main app now having a new “readability” tab that gives it a new rating for each book, a new cover design, and some other design tweaks.

The new design makes it easier to read the FlipBook app, too.

The redesigned app also adds a new feature called FlipBook for Schools, which is a way for schools to offer FlipBook books to their students at no extra cost.

FlipBooks is a free app that was designed by the author Michael Cohen, a professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin.

It is available on Apple’s iOS and Android platforms.

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