Booker T. Washington, son of Booker T., dies at 92

Booker T Washington, the son of a prominent U.S. senator, died on Wednesday at 92, the family said in a statement.

The Associated Press reported that Washington died at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center.

He was born in New Jersey in 1901, and served as a senator from the state.

He left the Senate in 1953 and was re-elected in 1960.

He is survived by his wife, Susan Wollenberg; two daughters, Anna and Ruth, and their mother, Patricia Washington; two sons, Richard and James; and six grandchildren.

“He was a gifted man with a deep understanding of the importance of the arts and the importance and value of education for all Americans,” the family wrote.

“The many times he visited his home state he was a beloved member of the people of Wisconsin.”

Washington served on the Senate for four terms from 1967 to 1974.

He served as the Senate’s longest-serving senator, serving from 1973 to 1983.

Washington was first elected to the Senate as a Republican in 1956.

He became the first black member of Congress in 1977 and served in the U.K. for seven years before retiring to Washington, D.C. He moved to Wisconsin and founded the Wisconsin Institute of Technology in 1973.

Washington earned an undergraduate degree in physics at Marquette University, where he graduated in 1966.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Wisconsin State University in 1968.

He also earned a master’s degree from the University, Wisconsin, School of Law.

Washington graduated from Marquette in 1972 and earned a law degree from UW-Madison in 1973, the school said.

Washington served as chairman of the U-W Madison Foundation board of trustees from 1987 to 2000, according to the university.

He earned a bachelor of science degree in history from the UW-Whitewater in 1978.

He married Patricia Washington in 1973 and the couple had four children.

In addition to his wife and children, Washington is survived in his family by his brother-in-law, John H. White; his stepmother, Janine White; a brother, Mark H. Washington; three sisters, Mary Ann and Elizabeth, and a brother-sister, Susan H. Wilson.

He has been hospitalized with pneumonia.