How did the RTEs own titles become RTE-owned?

With the launch of RTE’s own titles, the Irish broadcaster has seen the opportunity to diversify its audience.

The new titles, like ‘The Big Book of History’, have been released as part of the RTe Entertainment Library, a digital offering that brings the original titles back into the homes of Rte listeners.

The books also feature in a collection of interactive audio books available on RTE Ireland’s website, which includes some of the most famous and iconic works of Irish literature.

RTE said the new collection will also include titles that have been published in the past.

It added that RTE has a long history of publishing original works that are in the public domain and not for commercial or profit.

“There are also titles that Rte owns, which we will continue to promote,” said RTE entertainment director John Boulton.

“These titles are in our public domain, and RTE will continue publishing them.”

The company said the Rte Entertainment Library also includes the books of Irish poet and journalist John Boudin and his wife, who were both born in Dublin in 1921.

“We are delighted to welcome RTE Books to the RTA.

It is a fantastic partnership and a wonderful tribute to the Irish literary legacy,” said Minister for Arts, Heritage and Sport Mary Mitchell O’Connor.

“RTE Books has a rich and diverse history, and its selection of great literature is just the cherry on top.”

‘I think we’re all going to be really, really proud’ The RTE Entertainment Library collection includes books written by more than 150 Irish authors, including Irish poets, playwrights, dramatists and musicians.

Among those authors who have been awarded the RTD are Ian McEwan, John Boden and Ian Coogan.

The library also includes an introduction by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, the work of writer-director of the National Theatre, John Cusack, and more.

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