How to get your Amazon Booking app to show up on the Nightingale Booking App

A reader writes, I love this app, and i’ve used it since last year, but it does not work with the Amazon Appstore.

The app is a free download and works with all major browsers, but the app needs to be installed from the App Store, as it does support Kindle and Fire.

I am also running a Mac and the Nightly app does not support Mac.

Any help is appreciated.

The issue is that it will not install, or you will get the error “App not installed”.

I also get the message “Not available on your computer.”

When I click on the “Install” button it says “Not a supported OS” and the app does nothing, so it seems that the issue is with the AppStore.

How to fix the issue?

I’m not sure yet.

I have installed it on my computer, and it works.

What else do I need to know?

The Nightly booking app is free.

What if you don’t want to use the app?

There are plenty of other apps out there that offer book rentals.

What’s your advice for those who want to try the app and don’t have the time or resources to install it?

I would suggest that if you have the resources, you download the Night-Locking app from the app store. It’s free.