How to make a night book for JK Rowling

The first night-book you’ll ever buy is an important one.

Not only does it give you the perfect setting for your fantasy adventures, but it also tells you what you’ll want to see in the night ahead.

Here are six tips for making your own.1.

Choose a dark, well-lit place for your nightbookTo make your night book look like something out of a horror movie, you need to think carefully about what to include.

There’s no point in writing your book about a day when the stars aren’t perfectly aligned, for example.

Instead, make sure that your night-books are dark and well lit, and the setting is appropriate.

In a world where dark and light are the most important attributes, choose a dark and quiet place to write.2.

Make sure your night’s title is the most memorable thing you can think of3.

Include some good pictures of your characters in your night booksIf you want to give your book a little more personality, try making it a night’s night-time story.

Include a couple of characters, such as a detective, a wizard, or a rogue, and let them talk to each other for a bit.

You’ll also want to include a couple scenes that are very funny or moving, such at the end of the day.4.

Add some atmosphere in your story to give it a more dramatic feelIn a story about a mysterious killer, for instance, you might write the story about two detectives who have to solve the murder before the killer himself returns.

Or maybe you want your night of magic to be filled with a splash of blood.

If your book has a big splash of water, make it splash in the reader’s face.5.

Don’t forget the characters in the bookEven if you’re not planning to write a full-length novel, you can always make your story fun and interesting for your reader.

For example, if you have a fantasy where you want the hero to be a hero in some way, you could use some of the characters you’ve chosen to play heroes in the story.6.

Add a little bit of suspense to your storyFor an evening’s worth of fun, try adding a little suspense to the night’s end.

Make your protagonist seem really smart, for one.

Then, when the killer arrives, say something like, “This is the man who killed our family.”

That gives your reader a sense of urgency, and gives the reader a bit of hope that they’re about to win.