iPhone XS Max: The first iPad mini with a camera?

The iPhone XS and XS Plus are both getting their first-ever cameras on the upcoming iPhone X and X Max, but a camera is only part of the story.

Apple announced the two new devices this morning.

The first iPhone X, which is the most powerful iPhone ever, will be released on October 17.

The second model, the XS, is scheduled for a fall release.

The iPhone X is expected to feature a new display with a 4.7-inch screen, and Apple says it will also include an OLED screen, a 12-megapixel camera, a 10-megapixels front-facing camera, and a 4G LTE band.

The iPhone will also get new “Motion-To-Scan” technology, which lets the camera capture motion at the speed of light without slowing down.

It will also be the first iPhone to come with Face ID, a new facial recognition feature that works with iPhones to identify a user’s face.

The feature is available in both white and black.

The XS will also have an A8 chip in it, which will allow it to process more data than the A7 chip on the iPhone X. The XS also has an “Advanced AI” chip, which can process a lot more data.

Both models will come with 64GB of internal storage and a 256GB model.

Apple says the X and the X Max will be able to be charged via USB-C ports, although the XMax will require a charging cable.

The new XS is a more expensive model.

The new X Plus will cost $1,000, and will include the same 16-megawatt CPU as the X, but with an upgraded GPU.

It is expected that the new X will also come with a faster processor, 64GB storage, and more RAM.

Apple has yet to confirm if the Xs will include a battery.

The price tag is expected be $2,100 for the X Plus and $3,100 on the X.

The most interesting feature of the X is likely the new “motion-to-scan” feature, which allows the camera to process a larger amount of video without slowing up.

That feature was first introduced on the new iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple is also rumored to be adding new “Face Detection” sensors to the camera.

The sensor will allow the camera, when triggered by an object, to take a picture of that object without the need for a special app.

The device will also receive an LED display to indicate the time the picture is taken.

Apple also said that the iPhone 8 and X Plus are expected to come in two colors: black and gold.

The iPhones will come in “Gold” and “Silver,” while the X comes in “White.”

The new iPhones are expected launch in the fall, and it seems that the X will be the more expensive of the two models.

The other models are expected in the spring.