FourFourtwo: The Sims 4: Seasons & Seasons2

Two Sims 4 seasons are now available to download and play, as the SimCity 4 update brings the entire family together for a new season of fun.

Sims 4 Seasons 2 brings new family members, new pets, new outfits, and even a brand new event!

To celebrate this release, we’ve also made it easier for you to join in on the fun.

SimCity 4 Seasons is a brand-new SimCity family simulation that takes you on a trip to a different town or city for each of the eight seasons.

The new seasons are available for download on November 18, 2017.

We’ve made it easy to download Seasons 2 now by giving you a shortcut to your SimCity profile so you can jump right into the game.

To access Seasons 2, click on the Simcity profile button in the bottom right corner of your profile page.

Follow the on-screen instructions to download the Seasons 2 Season Pack.

This Season Pack includes the following Sims 4 items:The Sims 4 Season Pack features eight new SimCity Seasons that are unlocked and available to play from the start.

The Sims 3 Seasons Pack is a limited time, 10-day free-to-play SimCity Bundle that includes all eight Seasons.

Sims 4 Seasons will be available to players who have completed the Season 1, Season 2, and Seasons 3 packs, and all eight Sims 4 Packs.