Stephen King on reading in the new world of streaming books: ‘I’m more a fan of movies’

Stephen King, author of such classics as “It” and “It Happens to All of Us” has been a fixture in the world of movie reading, where he’s been a prolific and enthusiastic reader.

But as King prepares to launch his new book, “A Good Place to Live,” on the streaming service Amazon Prime, a growing number of people are reading online, and he’s seen an influx of new readers.

He spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper about how he’s read on the platform, what he finds most engaging about it, and what he hopes readers get out of his book.

Read more CNN’s Chuck Todd:The biggest takeaway for me is that I’m a huge fan of the books that are coming out of Hollywood right now.

The new movies are a good example of that.

You don’t necessarily need to know the story of every film to enjoy it, but you can enjoy the movies and understand the characters and the stories.

And I feel like I’m learning from all the new people who are reading these new books.

I think it’s a good platform for people to learn from their own experiences, because it doesn’t have to be a movie or a book.

I don’t have any agenda in life.

I just want to enjoy the story that I love, and then share it with people.

I have read a lot of new books in the last two years.

I’ve read a great deal of them, and I’ve also been reading some movies and a couple of books that I don`t know much about.

And there`s a good sense of discovery, and there`ll be something for everybody.

I hope it gives people the confidence that they can explore, discover and enjoy their favorite things.

I have not yet picked a favorite book.

But I do love the stories, and it`s great to be reading new books from the best writers in the business.

You have to pick a book, though, to read it, because you`re just going to get a different experience from the book that you`ve already read.

I find that the best books, the ones that are the best and that I feel are the ones I want to be read.

And for me, there are a lot more books than there are movies.

So that is a great part of it.

I`ve been reading books for a long time.

I love the idea of the novel, the story, and the characters, and so there are books that have a lot to do with that.

I`ve really enjoyed being able to read the book.

It`s been a good experience.

I think people are really interested in reading a book and it has a big impact on a person and the world that they live in.

They are able to experience the story in a way that they never could before, because they`re reading a novel.

And that`s very important to me.

I am very fortunate to have been able to write a book that has been read millions of times.

And it has inspired me, and inspired other people.

I feel very fortunate and very blessed to have a great book that I am writing, because I feel the story has always been about the struggle of people who live with mental illness, and who are dealing with mental health problems, and about how the human spirit is something that is so important to us, and we can`t help everybody.

And so I feel that it`ll bring a lot out of you, that you are going to love it.

It might not make sense to you at first, but as you read the story and as you learn more about the characters.

You`ll discover more about them.

I can`s tell you that, from the first chapter, I was reading about the struggles of the person who was a child and who has been struggling to come to terms with the idea that they are mentally ill, and trying to figure out how to get over that and get better.

And in the process, I learned a lot about myself.

I had a great time.

I hope that I`ll find it interesting to read some of the stories that are new, and some of them are not as well known.

I guess it is a good time for people that have been reading these books for years to discover them.

I just want people to know that I have been a reader of books for many, many years.

And when I look back on it now, I find it hard to put a name to it, even though it is an experience.

I was not a fan when I was a kid, because when I read it I was so excited.

And then, when I became a parent, I became more disappointed.

But, when you start reading it, you`ll realize that it was just like the beginning of a long journey.

I was born in 1946.

And my parents divorced when I came out of