‘Muse’ author says ‘we all’ need to get back together

BOOK author Michael Eavis says it’s time for us all to get together again and return to the “happy place” he wrote about in his new memoir.

Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Mr Eavis said he’d like to see us all back together in a big way.

He told host Steve Langford: “I don’t know what it would take to get everyone together again, but I do know that I would like to get people together and get things back on track.”

We need to go back and see what happened after the earthquake.

We all need to rekindle that relationship.””

I want us all together again.

We all need to rekindle that relationship.”

Mr Eavis has also said he’s been thinking about what it means to return to a “happy life” after his long break from the publishing industry.

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Langford asked the author about his plans for his next book, which he is now writing with his partner, writer and broadcaster Annika Sjöstedt.

Ms Sjøstedt, who has worked as a journalist for the Swedish tabloid newspaper Dagens Nyheter, has written a book about Mr Eaws journey from the underground publishing world to the mainstream.

She said her new book would explore the same themes he did about the devastation in Nepal.

Asked if she was hoping to return with him, Ms Sjostedt said she was.

When asked if she would like him to stay on as her collaborator, she replied: “Absolutely.”

Mr Langford then asked Ms Sarthedt how much time she had left on her schedule.

Ms Sisthedt said her life was in a state of flux.

Mr Eresad said he was currently in his final year at UCC, after which he will return to full-time writing full- time.

The interview with Mr Eavises wife, Annika, was filmed for a book-related film.

Listen to the full interview here.