Judge rejects ‘untamed’ book in Spanish, Washington County

The judge in Washington County, Maryland rejected a bid by the bookseller and the owner of the restaurant to bar a book in Spanish from being sold.

According to the Washington County Superior Court, the owner and the bookstore owner made a formal complaint to the Superior Court in March, saying that their “books, films, paintings, artwork, video games, toys, toys in various forms” were “injurious to society.”

The complaint said that the book, “The Princess and the Peacock,” has “a very negative effect on children and children of color.”

The Superior Court dismissed the complaint, but instead granted the owners’ motion to bar the book from sale.

The owner and bookstore owner filed the complaint in March claiming that “The Prince and the Pauper” by Margaret Atwood is “a racist book that is detrimental to children of all races and cultures,” The Washington Post reported.

The book is available in Spanish, but the owner was adamant that “it is in English,” and claimed that the author’s intent was to teach children “about the evils of racism.”

The owner added that her books were written for adults.

The book is currently available in the store for $19.99.

In response, the bookstore and the owners were offered a settlement.

The owner was willing to give the bookstore a discount of 25 percent, while the book was being sold at a discounted price.

The store’s owner declined to accept the offer, instead offering to offer a free copy of the book to the public.

A spokeswoman for the Superior District Court told The Washington County Times that the complaint had been filed on behalf of the owner, and the decision had not yet been made.