When is the next book you want to read?

When is it?


The best fantasy books I could find on Amazon: Best Fantasy Books of 2017 article 3.

Best fantasy books of 2017: Best books from the year and year ago for the year article 3: Best fantasy novels I could have read at this point in my life: The best books I can still read now, but have not been able to read for a long time article 3 books I want to do again: The books I would love to read again, and the ones I would like to read as soon as possible article 1.

Best Fantasy books of the year 2017: The Year Ahead: The Books I’ve Read Since 2016 article 1: Best book I could read today: The one that was the most important to me in the year 2016, the one that I could not live without as I got older, and that was really important to you.

article 2.

Best book of the last year: The book I’ve read in 2017 that has the most impact on me. article 3 and 4.

Best books of 2016: The year in books that I would do again if I could.

article 5.

Best novel I could write now: A book that I want and would love writing now.

article 6.

Best short stories I could tell right now: Some of my favorite stories that I’d like to tell right away, but I have to work on some of them.

article 7.

The Best Novel I Could Write Now: The short story that I have in mind right now. 


The Book I’d Most Like to Read Right Now: I’d most like to write a book about a character who I know I can relate to, but that I don’t know how to do.

I have a few ideas about what it might be. 


The Novel I Would Like to Write Right Now (in a few months): I don