Why did you leave your job and go on the road?

There are no easy answers to why Devontae Booker quit his job as a manager and went on the open road.

The rapper, who’s now an outspoken advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement, said that the road to his new career is filled with challenges.

Booker is no stranger to the road.

In 2013, Booker became the first black person to graduate from high school in Texas.

Now, he’s trying to make the leap into the music business.

“I was in school to be a coach, but that wasn’t my goal, it was to make money,” Booker told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

“I got a degree and I’m working toward becoming a music producer.

I was doing everything in my power to get into the business.

I’m a young black man in the business.”

Booker also said he was in the process of getting his life together, including getting his kids ready for the start of school, but said that he was frustrated by his family.

He said he’s also trying to get his life back on track, and said he wants to continue to inspire and inspire others.

“My goal is to make a better life for myself, my family and my kids, and I can’t let them down,” Booker said.

“My goal for myself is to do everything I can to be here for my family when they need me.

That’s what my goal is, and that’s what I’ve been working towards.”

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