Why are the stars not in your books?

The stars are out of the books for the nightingales of Darlington County in Australia.

The starry nightingallers are still in high demand for the rural town of Darwen and Darlington Bookshop owner Charles Dickens has been forced to shut down his book store in order to comply with new requirements by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The decision was announced last week by the commission which is considering a petition calling for the ban on books featuring the stars to be lifted.

The commission has also asked that the ban be removed from the books of some of the local community leaders and those who have been active in the community.

The stars have been featured in more than 1,000 books in the past four years, according to the commission.

It says the book market is worth $3.6 billion a year.

But it has come to light that the stars have not been featured prominently enough in some of those books.

Dickens told the ABC the stars “should be in every book”.

“They are in a lot of books in Australia and we are just going to have to accept that,” he said.

“We have got to move on and have the stars in our books.

They are wonderful and they are important to us.”

A petition on change.org.au has already attracted over 2,000 signatures.

“The stars should be in all books and they should be featured in every single book,” said the petition’s creator, Gopal Das.

“I don’t know why we have to go through the trouble of banning them.

They shouldn’t be in books.”

The stars’ ban was first announced last month in the national press and the commission is now considering a formal complaint.

A spokesperson for the commission told ABC the commission was aware of the petition and “we have already been discussing the issue”.

“We will continue to consider the issue of books featuring stars, but the commission will take its decision as soon as possible.”

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