British bookseller banned from selling banned books

A British bookselling company has been banned from entering the US after being found to have sold books containing the “most disgusting, filthy and vile” of the banned books.

The bookseller was banned from accepting book sales on Amazon after it was discovered it had sold titles which include “a sick, filthy, vile, disgusting and disgusting book called The Book of F***ing Lies” and “A book which, in the words of the author, makes the living impossible for people like you”.

The company, Book of Books, was one of several companies to be hit by a ban by the US authorities following the November 2015 massacre in Orlando by a lone gunman.

“The bookshop is now closed for good and no bookseller or anyone associated with the bookshop should ever enter the United States again,” the company’s statement said.

“We are sorry this has happened, but the booksellers that we represent are not responsible for what happens when booksells go on sale.”

In a statement on Wednesday, the US Attorney General, John F. Kennedy, said Amazon had violated federal law by allowing the books to be sold without author consent.

“These books are so disgusting, they should never have been published and the sellers responsible for the sale are not only responsible for their actions but are also required to pay the government a fine of up to $2 million for their criminal activity,” he said.

Amazon has since said it has banned all the titles it sells from the US.

A spokeswoman for the US Department of Justice told the Associated Press news agency: “Amazon does not currently have an active ban on books or bookshops from the United Kingdom.

We will review this case and take any necessary action as necessary.”

Last year, the UK government also banned Amazon from selling books containing banned titles after the online retailer’s own catalogue was found to contain the books.