Amazon Prime Video’s first full-season streaming deal is here

The video streaming service Amazon Prime has finally officially announced a new full-year agreement with Netflix, the video streaming company’s new streaming service.

The deal will kick in on October 4, 2018.

It’s the second one for Amazon Prime.

Amazon has been in talks with Netflix for some time and the two companies had been in a relationship for some years.

Netflix is a US subscription service, which means that it’s free to subscribe to.

This new deal means that Netflix subscribers will have the ability to stream on Amazon Prime if they want to, but it also means that Amazon Prime subscribers will also be able to stream Netflix content.

This means that those who prefer Netflix content will have a chance to stream content on Amazon Video in the coming months.

Amazon Prime members will also have the option to add the service to their account, so there is no additional charge for subscribing.

Netflix and Amazon have been in negotiations for months and Amazon has always said that they want the service as long as the negotiations are going on.

In January, Amazon Prime announced a full-scale launch of its Prime Video streaming service, where customers can stream movies and TV shows and movies and tv shows.

Netflix also has been negotiating with Amazon Prime for some months and the company had been talking with Amazon for years.

It was expected that the new full year agreement will be announced during Amazon’s annual investor conference on January 23.

In December, Netflix announced that it would be launching its own streaming service that will be called Netflix Now.

Amazon and Netflix are also working on a subscription service called Amazon Prime Now, which will be available for streaming on the Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Mini, Fire HD TV, Fire tablets, Fire phones and Fire tablets.

Amazon is also planning to launch a streaming app called Prime Video, which has not yet been named.