When the Hamiltons decided to go unconventional for their new novel

An unusual couple has become household names in the small town of Hamilton, Texas, as the author of an unconventional novel has become a household name.

John Hamilton’s novel, Unorthodox Book, has been adapted into a TV movie starring a young actress, who stars as a struggling writer whose novel is set in a dystopian future.

The novel, published in 2017, is a love letter to the Hamilts, who moved to Hamiltont in the 1950s to escape the violence and crime in their town.

Hamilton wrote the book in the 1970s as a way to escape what he called the “black ghetto of the city,” a segregated community that defined the Hamilton family’s lives.

He lived in a home in the city and worked as a newspaperman.

He moved to the hamlet in the 1980s to pursue a writing career.

In Unorthodox, Hamiltone children have their own bookshelves in their bedrooms.

The Hamiltones have also built their own library, which they refer to as the “Hamiltons Library.”

Hamilton told The Associated Press in 2017 that he didn’t want to create a fictional story because it is too often used as an excuse to ignore the issues that exist in our society today.

“This book is a way for people to say, ‘We didn’t have this in the 70s, this isn’t happening, this is not the way that people were raised,'” Hamiltonian said.

“That is why I wanted to write it.”

He said he wanted the book to be about the impact of segregation on families, children and the communities that surround them.

Hamilton was raised by his grandparents, a white couple named John and Ruth.

They were from a poor family.

They lived in the Hamiliton community.

They went to a school where there were many black children.

John said his grandfather had a hard time getting along with his white neighbors.

When he came home, John would have a hard day.

“There was a lot of hate coming at us,” Hamiltona said.

John grew up in a small hamlet that had a reputation for violence and racism.

He recalled a day in the early 1970s when he woke up and found that two of his grandmothers had been shot to death.

“The feeling of terror that was in my heart when I found out that my grandmothers were dead was still there,” Hamilitons daughter, Lora, said.

“I felt like I had to protect her.

I felt like it was my duty to protect them.”

In Unofficial Book, Hamilton wrote about a time when he felt the community was being destroyed by the civil rights movement.

“That feeling of hatred, of oppression, of hate, and the fact that we had to create this new community was like I was born again,” Hamilton said.

Hamilitons community has been affected by racial discrimination.

They have a lot to do with that.

“They had a very strong sense of racial segregation and that’s why I was drawn to it,” Hamilts daughter said.

Lora Hamiltoni said her father wrote about the issues of racism and discrimination.

She said her mother, Ruth, wrote about racism and the impact that it had on the Hamilts.

Hamilts community is still reeling from the civil unrest of the 1960s, which saw a number of young people killed by police officers.

Hamitarians community was a place where Hamiltines were welcomed.

The city is known as “the home of the white race.”

In the novel, Hamilitones neighbors were also treated differently.

“It was just like I would say, this place has not been there for a long time,” Hamiloni said.

The Hamiltoner’s community was not spared.

In one chapter, Hamitarians children were sent to a private school where the majority of students were black.

The author also told the AP that he wanted to show how the Hamillons lived as a family.

“It was a real, real family,” Hamilon said.

The family had a home that they owned, and they had a small garden.

The hamiltons community was also the scene of several shootings.

In the novel Hamiltoning children are portrayed as the targets of violence, and Hamiltonia was forced to relocate after the shooting of a neighbor in the 1960’s.

Hamiloni also spoke about the dangers of living in a city that was segregated.

“You never know where you might be targeted,” Hamolin said.

A family living in the hamilton.

(Courtesy of John Hamilton)The book has been called one of the most influential books of the 20th century and the first African-American novel.

In the book, the Hamnitons struggle with race and racism, and how the family lived.

Hamiltonic said he hopes the novel will encourage people to be more tolerant.

“We are the first generation in our family to have lived here