Why Google is getting in on the Jungle Book book character thing

TechCrunch is reporting that Google is using a new kind of content monetization to get in on a genre-bending new genre of book characters.

The company has partnered with Amazon for an app called Jungle Book Characters.

This app is designed to allow users to create a series of characters from their favorite books, and then purchase and share the characters with Amazon’s customers, so Amazon can make money from selling the book.

The app, which will run on Android and Apple devices, will allow users “to play, share, and purchase a collection of jungle book-inspired characters in a variety of ways.”

According to the press release, Amazon’s Jungle Book Character app will “allow users to: purchase a Jungle Book character for $0.99 each; create their own characters using the free, downloadable Jungle Book app; and purchase an array of different jungle book character-inspired merchandise including books, clothing, and other merchandise to sell in the Jungle.”

The service will also allow users who own Amazon Prime memberships to buy characters from Amazon’s Prime library and share them with Amazon Prime customers.

The Jungle Book characters can be bought individually for $1.99 and “can be used to create custom characters and characters with multiple stats.”

The press release says Amazon will “provide the characters and their content to Amazon Prime subscribers.”

Google is reportedly looking to “drive revenue” from the app, and that this service will be “very attractive to publishers” in the future.

Google said it’s interested in the project because “it’s something new that we think will drive revenue for our customers and drive the kinds of growth that we want for our platform.”

In other words, the company wants to get into the Jungle.

And in order to do that, Google is looking to monetize the app for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and other devices.

This means that Amazon is “going to get some of the profits from the sales,” so Google will be able to use some of those profits to pay for a lot of the app’s costs.

The press statement also said Amazon is looking at other things like how it can sell the app to developers, and “providing content for our partners to monetized through the app.”

Amazon has yet to comment on this particular app, but it’s not the first time Amazon has partnered up with another publisher to make money off of its Kindle ebooks.

Last year, Amazon also partnered with WETA for an ebook called The Jungle’s Edge, which has a Jungle book book character as its main character.

The book, which was released in 2015, had a Jungle-themed cover and was also written by the WETA author.

WETA said that the Jungle book character was a result of its partnership with Amazon and the partnership was “a win for all involved.”

But it didn’t seem like Amazon was happy about the deal, and Amazon was forced to back out of the deal after it became clear that it would not be able in the long run to make an actual profit from the book and the Jungle character.

It appears Amazon has a similar deal with Weta, and it could potentially be used for similar purposes.

This partnership with Jungle Book comes on the heels of Amazon partnering with WGEM to publish Jungle Book for the Kindle ereader.

In addition to the Amazon Jungle Book series, Amazon has also partnered up to publish a number of other books for the platform, including the popular series The Jungle Files, as well as the upcoming book, The Jungle Chronicles.

The two publishers are hoping to launch The Jungle Books series of books this year.