Why do Christian book distributors use “Discover” as a brand name?

Christians book distributors are using “Discover”, “Discovering” or “Discover Publishing” as brand names in an effort to sell their books, Hacker News user sveno92 has discovered. 

He has discovered several Christian booksellers using the term “Discover Bookstore” as part of their marketing strategy. 

According to Hacker News author svenos book distributor, Christian book retailers use “discover” as the name of their business, rather than “Discover”.

“Christian book distributors are trying to sell their books at the highest possible price, and they also have the best prices on the internet.

So they call their stores “Discover Books”.”

These days, they refer to them as Discover Books.” 

Svenos claims he has contacted several Christian bookstore chains with complaints about the use of the term.””

But the term ‘Discover’ is also used by book retailers, because their customers tend to think it’s a name they should use for their business.”

Svenos claims he has contacted several Christian bookstore chains with complaints about the use of the term.

“They all claim they don’t do this, but they all do it,” he wrote.

“The truth is, they do.” According to svenos website, the Christian Book Distributors Association is the “official trade association of the Christian book retail industry” and has “an established policy of non-interference in the commercial decisions of businesses that sell books”.

“As a result of this policy, the Association supports the use of the word ‘Discover'” in all brand names. 

Svoboda, the official Christian book distributor for the Netherlands, also told The Telegraph they do not use the term as a marketing tool, and did not receive any complaints from the public about the misuse of the name.

“We don’t use the word Discover,” said Svoboda spokesperson. 

In a statement to The Telegraph, the association’s vice president of communications, Lotte de Witte, wrote: “We use the name Discover in a very limited way, for example, we use it in our store signage.

We use the brand name as a mark to indicate our brand identity, to highlight the value of our products and to encourage customers to come to our stores.”

Svaboda’s marketing director Linda de Wisse said she had not received any complaints about using the word “Discover.”

“The word Discover is not used by us,” she said. 

De Wisse also explained that the association did not have any problems with book publishers using the name “Discover,” as they had not made any money off the use. 

But it did make it clear they were not the only ones using the phrase. 

The Christian Book Distributor’s Association has a policy of not engaging in the use and misuse of a trademark, which is an important step in ensuring that no trademark owner can use the names and trademarks of another business. 

Lutheran Book Distributing Association spokesperson Bethanie Kowalski told The Australian that the Christian book retailers association was following the policy and would be contacting their customers to make sure the term was no longer being used. 

Kowalskis spokesperson said that the Christian chain is using the brand names “Discover and Discover Publishing” to promote their products, which is not a trademark. 

A spokesperson for The Bookseller’s Association, which also sells Christian books, said they do use the “Discover brand” but they do so with a different name than the “discovery brand”. 

“The name ‘Discover and Discover Publishing’ is a brand used by the Booksellers Association and does not appear on any of their books,” the spokesperson said.

“So the association does not use that brand name.” 

The association also said that it had no complaints about other book retailers using the terms “Discover, Discover, Discover Publishing”, or the term Discover Book Store. 

Bookstores can use their own brand name for promotional purposes and that’s the right way to go, said Svante Vossen, author of The Bible for Atheists and the Atheist.

“There are a lot of companies that have a good reason to do that, such as because they have a brand loyalty to their customers, or because they sell a certain type of book, or a certain category of books,” he said.

“The Bible isn’t a religion, but if you want to say it’s Christian, you should be using it as a name for a business.”