How to book a normal day at a book club

A book club can be a good way to meet new people and learn more about books.However, it can also be a little bit boring.Book club members often don’t know much about books and can easily be bored by the same topics they study.So, what’s a book group to do?Book club groups are groups of […]

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Outlander’s Book Club’s First Look at the First Season

It was only a matter of time before Outlander started to look a little bit more like its namesake.It’s not hard to see why.First, there’s the show’s central cast, with Claire’s daughter Skye (Olivia Colman) as the only other member of the royal family left alive.Next, there is the romance.There are some similarities to the […]

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What’s the best and worst thing about being a book club member?

You know what’s the worst thing that happens when you’re a bookclub member?Someone doesn’t like you.In fact, they might actually like you less.If you’ve been a bookfriend since the mid-’90s, you’ve probably encountered this situation a couple of times.As an old-school book-loving friend, you’re used to feeling the need to do everything you can to […]

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How to get reese to join your comic book club

“I’m reeeeally glad to have reese.”That’s the reaction from a new book club book reviewer for reese, who is set to launch a new comic book blog, Comics Off, on Monday.The book reviewer, who asked to remain anonymous because she was concerned about repercussions for sharing her real name, says reese is not only a […]

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