‘Wedding Planning: The Best Wedding Books for 2018’

New year is upon us, and you’re probably thinking of the big day.But there are a lot of other big ideas for weddings, too, like choosing the venue, booking the venue’s catering, getting married at a venue that’s not your ideal location or planning your wedding in advance.But how do you make the most of […]

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How to find out if you’re a bridesmaid

This article is a guide to the best wedding books available in India and a handy reference to book reviews.1.Book of the Bride (Jyoti Bhatkal) by JyotiBhatkals book review 1.Bride of the Night (Ravi Chaudhary) by Ravi Choudhary book review 2.Bride’s Bride (Rana Kapoor) by Ravish Kapoor book review 3.Bride (Shabana Kapur) by Shabana Kaur […]

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How to choose a book store to book your wedding planner book

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to book stores.Book shops are full of choices for book lovers, from booksellers and book agents to the kind of book you might want to buy.And for every book store there’s an option for you to book a wedding planner.Here’s how to choose the right bookshop.Bookstores […]

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