Why are the stars not in your books?

The stars are out of the books for the nightingales of Darlington County in Australia.The starry nightingallers are still in high demand for the rural town of Darwen and Darlington Bookshop owner Charles Dickens has been forced to shut down his book store in order to comply with new requirements by the Australian Competition and […]

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Why you’re more likely to be a customer for life

The advice we give to customers on how to buy and sell is always the same: get to know them before they buy, and be flexible with your time, says the help-book publisher, the AFA.That’s because the average customer is more likely than not to be an individual who is a long-term user, like a […]

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How to buy a Christian book store

You might think the bookstore chain Christian Bookstore, which was founded in 1892 by one of America’s first Christian missionaries, would have no shortage of titles to choose from.But the shelves at the chain’s New York City branch don’t seem to contain many books on the topic.The reason: the chain doesn’t sell Christian books, which […]

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Why did you leave your job and go on the road?

There are no easy answers to why Devontae Booker quit his job as a manager and went on the open road.The rapper, who’s now an outspoken advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement, said that the road to his new career is filled with challenges.Booker is no stranger to the road.In 2013, Booker became the […]

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